Hit a cyclist this morning

Riding north on Charing Cross Road, approaching the junction with Oxford Street, fairly heavy traffic, right hand lane, about 20-25mph, green light in my favour. Cyclist comes out from my right riding from New Oxford Street towards Oxford Street, against a red light. She doesn’t look left. I hit the brakes but am not able to stop. I hit her at walking pace. Both of us go down.

Results: slightly bent bicycle and bruised cyclist; cracked indicator, cracked and scratched fairing panel, bent rear brake lever; I am uninjured and my clothing undamaged.

Another cyclist came forward to witness the fact that the lights were red against the cyclist I had hit, which was nice.

Duncan, shaken.

PS While poking around in work’s car park, looking for an impliment to straighten the brake lever (done), I came across the broken indicator lens fom the time Ali dropped his SV in the car park and I helped him to pick it up, which gave me pause.

Dangerous! I mean whats with going through red lights and then not actually being vigilant to traffic around you as well! Its not as if you can claim off her insurance for the damage to your bike is it!

Duncan sorry to hear this mate

It must have left you very shaken up…

Duncan glad your okay and theres not much damage to your bike, whos going to pay for the repairs, you I take it.

That can’t be right

Glad you are ok Duncan. I hope you reported the incident to the police. Glad noone was injured, just a few scrapes is bad enough.

It still surprises me that cyclists do not stop at lights.

Chin up Duncan

Another colour blind, myopic, suicidal, road rule ignoring cyclist, a bit better educated about riding, shame you got a bit bent up at same time.

Sorry to hear Duncan, hope you’re ok. I ride up Charing Cross Road every morning and onto Tottenham Court Road, I know exactly what it’s like.

The problem is it’s an all too common occurance at the moment, cyclists going through red lights. I reckon I must experience a near miss with a cyclist going through a red light 2 or 3 times a week. I’m really starting to dispise them, they seem to have no consideration for anyone but themselves.

I hope you do report it and that something is done. Why should you have to pick up the bill for their selfishness…???

Chin up dude, hope you swore at the little ****e!! I’m getting more and more peed off at cyclists too. I know we’re all supposed to share the road, but when a group takes the mick they all respect is lost

claim off her house insurance?

Yikes! Glad you’re ok! Says a lot for shoulder checks, for all road users, including cyclists!

worth a try Duncan, but don’t hold your breath - it doesn’t often come through. Still glad your ok, don’t really care about the cyclist - they were just lucky they are still alive. it probably won’t stop the immature pratts doing it again though.

Eek, glad you’re both okay Duncan, hope the cyclist offered to pay for your damages!

Hope ya got her details mate, pay her a visit with the quote and inform her that she will be paying for the damage. there is a rumour floating about saying that ken livingstone is thinking about getting bikes registered and plated, think its the only way to stop them going through red lights. Glad your o.k though anything i can help with just gimme a shout.

Duncan is fine guys, he was with me in my office up to now, we are going to get my little ‘new’ old bike later on and hes taking the day off. Thats not fair someone irresponsable destroing someones day like that… Duncan is my friend and I hate see him through this! Luckly his a very good rider and knows that he did his best and is not that affeect.

Poor old you.

I believe that Ken L is trying to bring in a license for cyclists. This will hopefully mean that they can get points and fines for not obeying the law.

Go Ken go! I can’t believe I said that.
PS Ken - let Motorbikes in ALL the bus lanes in town!

Bloody hell Duncan, glad to see you are OK. Go for the house insurance option as I have sucsessfuly claimed against a cyclist in the past. BTW, I still have your flywheel puller. Not mobile at moment so PM me and we can sort something out.

sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you are ok. Try and claim off her, it’s worth a go!

Sorry to hear that about this. It is a common occurance in this part of London. I’ve got used to holding for a second or two to double check at lights for pedestrians and cyclists as they do it so often.

You should be able to claim on the public liability section of her home insurance. That is what it is for! Good luck on pursueing that one.

As to registered/plated cycles? Dont thing it will work, there are too many and the plates will be cloned more quickly than anything else.

sorry to hear that Duncan… Not being funny though but cyclist’s are really starting to take the piss on the roads… i see them daily on my way to and from work, totally disregarding traffic lights…

I swear they think road rules and regulations dont apply to them as they dont need to posses a licience, MOT, TAX, Insurance…