History Channel !!

No Mans Land WW1 Revisited.

No much but about 35 Seconds Footage of LONDONBIKERS in France going to the War Memorial !!

Its bound to be repeated.

what? when we was there Barro?

yeah,very short clip of us all at a distance approaching and a very short shot of all the bikes and bikers entering the main entrance !

Zeph Steve and Oli have a close up !

Go !!! the Sweepers !!!

Fame at last !!!

I was always…In famous !!

guess we shall have to expect the autograph huntes now

you know it !!

coupled with The Barro on capital radio…Londons our Lobster Rodney !!

This time next year…were be in Bollywood with 666 !!

Cue flats with his bollywood movies !!!

Oh no please…flats and all that i love loopy craps proper dark chocolate.=

fooking sickening!!

Wait till hes seen this post…you wont here the end of it !!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!

its another True story…

Oi just cause your under the thumb Leave Loopy out of it or its pistols at dawn… id offer to race ya but wheres ya bike

Who are ya, who are ya



Drag that back or i,ll set light to you in front of everyone !

i can just picture the conversation now…

flats: does my lil pumpkin want flatsey watsey to come out tonight?

loopy: ohh flatsey watsey…your teasing me you silly billy…

flats: im sorry my little pugsey wugsey…i will not poke fun at you anymore…

loopy: shame on you flstsey watsey…hurry over my little tummy tiger…

flats: ok my cuetsie wutsey…you put down the phone and i’ll be right over…

loopy: no…you put down the phone first…

flats: ok we’ll put the phone down togeather…after three…

loopy: ok…

flats: 1

loopy: 1

flats: 2

loopy: 2

flats: 3


‘’ two second silence’’

(you know whats comming next dont you?:plain

flats and loopy togeather: AAAWWWwwwwww…