HIPPO bike cleaner

Im trying to find somewhere in London who sells HIPPO bike cleaner, the last batch i bought was mail order but as i work im not here to sign for the delivery so it gets taken away and i have to sort out another delivery. So if there was somewhere localish i could pop down there and buy some.

This stuff is better than Mucc-off and is one of Ride magazines recommended stuff.

Hippo cleaner is imported by Feridax and retails at £24.99 so any bike dealer that sells Shoei helmets or Sidi boots can order it in for you. Just let them know that its imported by Feridax first though or all you will get is this look…

Also worth a shout is Moto Xtreem wash by Motrax…very similar to Hippo in that its basically Muc-Off but not as strong/corrosive and is availlable in a 1 ltr sized bottle (£4.99) rather than just 5 ltr’s like Hippo.

hey dude if u dont have any luck finding hippo i use a cheaper alternative…mr muscle kitchen cleaner!! ive used it for years all over my bike plastics included! i never wet wash my bike as i dont like how it ages plated nuts & bolts etc… give it a try its only £3ish & if u dont like it u could always use it around the house? or better still give it someone else to use around ur house !

An X9er friend uses Fairy Power Spray with great success.

Spray on, work in with soft paint-brush, rinse off.

I thought all these household cleaners would damage the panels, seeing that it`s full of harmfull chemicals.

I know the washing up liquid type stuff has salt in it and so is regarded as not ideal for use as a bike cleaner…

Looks like ill have to buy it on the net, as i cant find a shop that sells it. So this is where you can buy it from.


never had a problem with mr muscle?


04 r1 3 (Medium).jpg


WOW that is shiney and you got that shine with normal Mr Muscle.

Hippo is great stuff for getting the grease off, but I don’t think it leaves as good a shine as other products. It does shift grease like nothing else I’ve seen though and I always use it as the first stage of a wash.

You can buy it from the Honda/Kwak dealer in Watford, the one that is near to the Harlequin. Don’t know it’s exact name, but it’s roughly here:


Looking at the map, I think it’s Queen’s Road that it’s on

mr muscle is amazing for removing grime… didnt believe it until i tried it for myself - definately an old bikers trick that works wonders

the bodywork was waxed (pre mr muscled). but the rest was done with mr muscle note: its mr muscle kitchen & bathroom in a yellow bottle not sure on others never used em.