Highways agency charging after an accident

Just been sent this:


What do you think? Would it have been different if he wasn’t found guilty of dangerous driving?

I would be pretty pissed if I was sent a bill for using a service that is funded from my(our) tax money.

hmmmm…Ive never heard of it before. Probably more of a shock as it came 2 years after the original fine etc

I’d be tempted to tell em to:P:hehe:

I know a few years ago, when a friend had a car accident, completely his fault was sent a bill for the bollards he destroyed on the road etc…But never heard of it taking so long, or for the temporary road signs

I got a bill for a £1000 for crashing into the barriers on the motorway a few years back. My insurance company paid for it though.

ermmm aint that what your insurancer is for??? to cover any costs?