Highway code rule, I cant find it

Hello all,

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Need some help!

Finally after months and months of using that “BAY” outside my house I got a fecking ticket :crazy:


I am now writing an appeal letter but cant seem to find a certain rule that covers a part of my argument,

Il cut it short.

The guy giving me the ticket reveresed into my estate and stopped at the entrance (Blocking it completely) he then got out the car and walked a good 150-250yards to my car to give me a ticket, In this time my mother has turned up in a black cab with shopping but she couldnt get into the estate as its only a single road and he was more interested in giving me a ticket than moving his van,

Basically I need to find a highway code rule that covers him blocking an entrance to a side road/estate ect…

tried using google i just keep getting advice about blocking junctions ect…

Hope your all riding safe…

I miss not having two wheels… :crying:

youve all got slow in the old age!!! :hehe:

Im gonna go with 151

Not sure “He’s shitter at parking than me!” is much of a defence, but both 242 & sections of 243 seem to cover it:

242You MUST NOT leave your vehicle or trailer in a dangerous position or where it causes any unnecessary obstruction of the road.
Laws RTA 1988, sect 22 & CUR reg 103

243DO NOT stop or parknear a school entranceanywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Servicesat or near a bus or tram stop or taxi rankon the approach to a level crossing/tramway crossingopposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking spacenear the brow of a hill or hump bridgeopposite a traffic island or (if this would cause an obstruction) another parked vehiclewhere you would force other traffic to enter a tram lanewhere the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and powered mobility vehiclesin front of an entrance to a propertyon a bendwhere you would obstruct cyclists’ use of cycle facilities except when forced to do so by stationary traffic.

I’m with Pat on this - his wrongdoing won’t help with your wrongdoing. Best to look at signs etc to see if the ticket is legal…

You’ll also need evidence to show what he did…

Good luck dude, don’t give them your hard earned without a fight!

I was going to use just that as my argument but as a part of my argument, I have sent them an email appealing it…

Just waiting to hear what bullshit they respond with.