Wouldn’t have been possible without Ryan.

He took the stuff out of the boxes so we could use them! :wink:









Hehehe, cool :slight_smile:

If tescos made Motortbikes !!: w00t:

but he made us take them all off !! :hehe::hehe:

Bastards!!! :P:P:P:P

Really good day though! I think next time we’ll have a barbecue without the bike stuff! Just loads of beer and burgers! :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Massive thanks to Ryan (Photographichero) for his perservierence with the electrics, and also to John (Bluestar), Andy P and Garret for all their help.

Hopefully I’ll get the last few kinks out of the bike soon, and be able to ride the bloody thing again! :w00t:

RR :smiley:

lool you jokers!

Alright boys! well I had a great weekend! And my red lobster sholders and neck are there as proof of the hard work :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job by everyone - Always good to have other people to ask what they think when you have no idea yourself??? Even better when they have answers or a pint of cold orange juice to supply whilst your re-think your philosophy on CBR electronics.

Anyway I have some bad news!!! Which I find kinda frustrating!!! but hey,

You know how we spent errr!!! about half a day trying to work out why the speed sensor wouldnt work :crazy: Well ive just been on the internet to check out the clocks and they only recognise certain Kawasaki feeds not CBR 600’s! aaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh!!! :hehe:

So Err nath you know I said dont cut that speedo that came with the bike cos you may need it later! Well guess what! you need it mate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish I knew all this yesterday - Could have spent the afternoon in the pool with the lesbians :smiley:

fuc that up then:D

Wait! Go back one step…

Lesbians… swimming pool…

Address? :smiley:

That would be the girls that I live with… :wink:

Welcome to my life… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

(Inner monolgue)

“Should I let Nath carry hero status for a while letting everyone believe he lives with beautiful south african lesbians??? hmmm… But everone knows lesbians arnt hot? Right? errr **** it let em believe what they like???”

Yeah Nath lives with four south african lesbians and you all missed out :stuck_out_tongue: