Higher state of tune (K5)

Well after this mornings delivery, I hurried home from work and begun to install with much fever, the items that had been sent from Florida, and Liecester. They’re now done, bar the power-commander and bmc race air-filter, which will wait to be installed until I either get a map off of Racefit, or from Crescent via a custom-map dyno session.

I’m really pleased with the rearsets, they’re not sold over here and quite rare. They even allow me to use my Racefit mounting plate that wouldn’t go on with the stock items. Everything looks great, I’m really happy, the bike is starting to take the shape that I wanted it to. More to come though, as ever!

For now, here are some oddball pictures I took tonight, whilst trying out some different settings on my camera. New here is:

  • KTech built Ohlins 46PRXLS shock
  • Carbon hugger
  • PP Tuning race rearsets
  • Suzuki carbon accessories

you ever take it off any sweet jumps?

nice kit you got there jay … but it gose like a dream wanna trade up badly

Ben, are you mistaking this for the DRZ? There’s no jumps with the K5 mate, hehehe.

I took a couple of pictures today whilst leaving work. Unfortunately I noticed that there was dirt on the bike (dust and grime!) and two of the pop plugs weren’t pushed in on the fairings! So not a perfect set of pictures, but this wasn’t meant to be a proper photo shoot hehe, just whipped the camera out.

New today is a race-style gas cap, which I absolutely LOVE, it’s purely for cosmetics, but I feel it really adds something!

Nice pics Jay, bike coming on well (for a zook:whistling Where ya get the gas cap from please mate, been looking myself but cant get one i like

Hehe, thanks Darbo. The cap came from:


Cheers Jay. What are those rearsets like, can get them locally for £200 which seems like a good price? I know you do a lot of track days but would rearsets benefit me on the road or would it just be the bling factor. Do they cramp you up at all, i suffer with bad groins/hips and often get cramp whilst riding- do you think its worth getting some.


Hey Darbo. They don’t cramp ME, I’ve never had a problem with rearsets before, but if you have history with getting cramps, then it might not work for you. Though remember that they’re adjustable for position, so you can move them about to try to find a position that works for you. The benefit is mainly to increase toughness, get a better position and to improve the looks. I don’t see how they can make a difference on the road, but I do love the way they feel, and feel more confident riding with them, like I’m at the track, able to flick the bike about from side to side, easier.

That’s a good price for some PP Tuning rearsets.

Bloody nice bike you got m8, makes mine look like a right dog, oh well it’s all about the fun factor ‘least that’s what I keep telling myself’. I will get my upgrade one day…