Highbeach or Blackheath?

Right all, instead of sending this to eveyone i know i thought id stick it up on here even though some would proberbly say i shouldnt… Oh and yes i know before you say this should be in the rideouts section i know that too but i thought less people would miss it in here.

As those who know me will know im off for a ummm long holiday :wink:

Anyway im meeting MD to drop off some parts on my way back to Germany and thought id see if anyone wants to meet up for a brew and a chin wag at the same time seeing as i wont be back for a while, if at all :w00t:

Oh and on the plus side if i dont make it back all willbe a little quiter and safer on the roads and here will be a big piss up on me :laugh:

So whos up for a brew? Oh and which ever place gets the most votes will be the one i pick. Time will be around 0930 as i have a long drive back to Germany. Prob stay for an hour or so

EDIT: date this sunday 28th

Mind me asking who MD is? Not MD Racing is it?

When my little cherrub? And is MD going?

Oops, date now added. Yes MD will be there. Just incase anyone is thinking it im not going to be on a bike.

Oh an MD is MadDogDhofty on here

Ok so no i can’t cos it’s my fella’s birthday :frowning:

And plus im scared MD might do something inapropriate to me :w00t:

Sorry dude, I’m across the pond this weekend, so I won’t be able to make it.
Good luck, and stay safe!

Excuses excuses :w00t: Looks like i might just pop round MDs to drop off his parts instead then

Might be worth popping by Blackheath, if for no other reson than it being a nice bit of greasy spoon grub before you go off for your “extended holiday”… I’m sure a few of this lot will pop by to wish you a safe journey… :wink:

Good luck with the holiday mate (bag a few for me! :smiley: ). Hope it goes well, and you’re back on the bike soon… :cool:

Looks like it may well be blackheath

might pop down before the midnight ride out, depending if I go out before or not.

can teach ya some German too if ye need something :w00t:

I would have been up for it but can’t make it Sunday unfortunately :frowning:

Good luck ASBO and stay safe mate. :slight_smile:

^^ It’s a good job you’re not going where Asbo is going - 09.30 usually means in the morning:w00t: Best of luck Asbo, we’ll miss you. Stay safe mate.

ah right, evenings would be 2130.

0930 I’m quite likely still in the land of dreams :w00t:

ha ha. Cheers guys.

Think im gona chin off the tea hunt. No offence to everyone else but all those that i know are gona be away so im just gona pop round MDs instead