High visibility jackets

My current cheap over jacket needs replacing. It wasn’t great quality but it did the job. it had tons of reflective areas but they eventually ripped or fell off. What do you use? I want it to be secure (zip?) so it stays on a high speed, covers the arms for side on visbility and tons of reflective coverage.

Bascially I want to look as much of a pratt as possible :w00t:

It’s abit of a mine field looking for these online so any recommendations appreaciated.

ask Kevsta :stuck_out_tongue:

I use these http://www.dickiesstore.co.uk/workwear/hi-vis-safety-workwear/dickies-hi-vis-waistcoats-and-tops/sa22025/0/

I bought a hi-viz bomber jacket £14.99, size larger so it went over my textile jacket and had the added bonus of enabling me to wear one less layer underneath!:slight_smile:

I use one of those too… An XL fits nicely over the top of my bulky Hein Gericke Texile jacket.

With an occasional wash, you can expect about six months to a years daily use out of one.

get down the market - hi vis vests for £3 hi vis waterproof bomber jackets for £10 i think :slight_smile:

i wear leathers all the time so just sling a hi vis vest over the top for the commute to and from work :slight_smile: velcros pretty sticky :stuck_out_tongue:

I use one to, if the weather’s really bad/winter got a proper hi viz coat to go over the lot. Wish more manufactures made proper bike jackets that were hi viz. Kevster - were you get your discreet jacket from?


I use the £8 ‘Hi Vis Lightweight Zipped Jacket’ over my HG Goretex but the sleeves were a bit flappy in the wind so I cut them off just below the upper reflective stripe - turns it into a sort of zipped over-T-Shirt. I agree that if you’re going to wear Hi-viz something with shoulders is better as they are a big proportion of what can be seen of you on the bike, especially from the front.

There is a strong case for cheap jackets and vests which can be replaced regulalrly as the hi-viz pigments last no time at all once exposed to the weather.

Richa, Rukka and Halvarssons are manufacturers who I know of that make decent textile hi-viz jackets. The Harlvarssons jackets are quite impressive and not too bulky. http://www.jofama.se/motorcycle_wear/products.php?lang=2&cid=5

LOKI-JME (18/03/2009)

Richa, Rukka and Halvarssons are manufacturers who I know of that make decent textile hi-viz jackets. The Harlvarssons jackets are quite impressive and not too bulky. http://www.jofama.se/motorcycle_wear/products.php?lang=2&cid=5[/quote]

I tried a Richa jacket at the NEC, didn’t feel as comfortable or fit as well as the HG one, which I now wish I got while it was on offer! Can’t say I’ve seen the Rukka jacket. Just had a look at the Halverssons link you posted, don’t look to bad.


I have two really nice high-viz jackets from Helly Hansen Work Wear, one is windproof and the other is windproof + waterproof… both suitable for motorcycling. The waterproof one will fit over your leathers easily and has some neat pockets that are waterproof yet reachable from the outside. They also hold up to high speeds quite well :wink:

This one is the business. Apparently it was designed for Norwegian oil rig workers, so you know it can take the English weather, just about:


The hood is detachable for biking :wink:

This is the one I wear when it’s dry, it’s 100% wind proof and toasty as hell I might add:


Originally, I bought this kit to wear while lorry driving (since every place you load/unload requires High Viz anyway) but later found it to be quite useful for biking as well :wink:

This is what I have:


and I’ve got this one, yep it’s the HG one



Can you spot me and Kev in the picture :smiley:



Are they zipped?

Yes, zipped

Is that a fleece jacket?

One ordered. Cheers.

MickyWiz (18/03/2009)


Is there a shop in London where I can pick up the bomber jacket? And for the £15 price tag on the above website? I wanted to go check out sizes. Cheers.