high speed blowout

after travelling at just over the legal limit along the a45 i pulled over to gather my thoughts and immediatly noticed i had a flat tyre, it was fine whilst moving but deflated pretty straight after i pulled over, whilst travelling at just over the nsl i went over a sudden ramp.

tyre was and is still fine after i pumped more air into it?

any thoughts as to why this might of happened?

thanks in advance

Loose tyre valve cap.Tyre not properly sealed to rim.:unsure:

Nice to see your still giving tyre advice Afro :P:)

Dodgy valve core - I had the same thing happen to me when I was going for a top speed run on the A41.

Slowing from over 170 with a tyre gone flat ain’t much fun, I can tell you :blush:

(and before the ranters start - no, it wasn’t big or clever but it was fun !

I replaced the valve core and did 1600 miles round scotland with nae probs.

What happens is if you have a weak or damaged valve core, when you give it some berries, the ole centripetal force can push the valve in, letting the air out.Plastic valve caps don’t really seal too well, so the tyre goes down.Can also happen if you have long valve stems.

I would be very wary of those pressure alert valve caps, too - as they replace the valve core, you have no secondary sealing at all from the cap - it’s the primary seal.


Make sure the valve core is fully screwed into the valve body and use a quality dust cap with an o-ring seal inside.