High Road, Harrow Weald

Hi all,

This is not a warning re the Police, its a Diesel spillage heads up.
Outside the bus station High Road, Harrow Weald, you can see all the colours of the rainbow on a damp day all over the road> I am trying to get hold of some one at the Police to do something about it.

Coming back from girlfriends saturday at about 10am , yes it was cold and damp, yes I had only been astride my bike for 5 minutes and yes the insistence of all cage drivers on doing half the speed limit had irritated me. So when a the lead car ahead of me indicated ( A rarity I know) to turn right, I pulled to the nearside to pass.

I then pulled open the throttle to get back up to something like a decent speed. Thats when I felt the back end go ( near perfect synchronisation with my backside I might add). It must have looked really impressive to have gone that far down on to my right hand side and then some how to have flicked her up-right again.

It is unlikely Metro line operators of that Bus garage will hold their hands up to any spill.

Luckily it was only my laundry that was damaged here.

pretty obvious whos to blame for spill ya would of thought?

one of them times when you wish you had a digi camera