High Pitched Ringing Noise?

My bike hs developed a high pitched ringing noise. Can be heard at idle, get drowned out by revs but gets louder at mid-rpms?

Anyone got a clue what it could be?

A lose fixing, worn spring, worn tensioner, worn chain. The list is endless …

where is the noise coming from?

Could be a bearing on the way out…

Bike is coming up on 5000 miles so I kinda doubt its wear and tear.

Sounds like its coming from the engine…

Tinnitus? :slight_smile:

Oil levels ok?

I last checked it a few days ago and it was fine.

The engine is a big place …Cylinder headCylinders CrankcaseClutch housingGearbox
Assume nothing wear and tear starts as soon as you’ve put one mile on the clock

probably something broke off in the exhaust. I had this twice.

Does it have any type of exup valve in the exhaust system?

I would turn off engine and give the exhaust a few taps along it with a bit of wood or rubber mallet and see if there are any rattles .