High pain threshold or wise hindsight?


was sent theis yesterday! the girl must have been v drunk or stupid :blink:

maybe she can have a sun tatooed on the other side and say she is a Vale fun!

I just read that on daily mail website and was laughing at the comments…i have actually fallen asleep through a tattoo sitting so has steve :stuck_out_tongue:
But look at the tattoo artist! think he just got carried away:w00t:

There’s an interview on Sky News website that I was looking at. That tattoo artist is scary!

Silly bitch probably thought she was being really radical and daring at the time - realised she has made a total arse of herself when she looked in the mirror the next day and is trying to pin the blame on the tattooist!

I was stoned when I had my slogan tatooed on my shoulder. I was also stoned when I thought up the slogan. . . :smiley:

what does it say!?

Yep, need to know now…

It’s a statement of my personal philosophy. Michelangelo da Caravaggio had it inscribed on his dagger . . .

‘Don’t hold the pointy end’ ?

The artist could have used a bit of intelligence. Most tatoo artists are particularly cautious about working on peoples faces. It might have been sensible to book two appointments and continue after she was comfortable with a few small stars.

:P:D - might as well be :blush: - I was twenty and stoned - that’s my excuse.

It wasn’t “Humilitus Occideit Superbium” was it?

I fell asleep during my tattoo but I trusted the guy and my missus was there to make sure it all went ok.

looks ok 2 me:P

I’ve fallen asleep a few times whilst getting my back tattooed, but refuse to believe that the girl just “fell asleep” whilst the guy etched 56 stars into her face! :blink:

Sounds like she suddenly realised that she’d been a bit stupid and decided to make out it was the tattooists fault! Also, and I’m sure any tattooists on here will back me up, the tattooist who did this to an 18 year old girl needs a good talking to! Most tattooists will make you think long and hard before getting anything crazy done, and some would even refuse to tattoo the face unless they really knew the person being tattooed really really wanted it, and had at least been tattooed before! :wink:

Silly girl! :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite!! Could always have gone down more the Jadzia Dax route!? A little more subtle!?

LOVING THE SECOND PICTURE!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

If it was that I’d be happy. . .:DIt’s just a dark existentialist sentiment - I took myself more seriously then. These days I’d just get a picture of something totally random that doesn’t mean sh1t - like a carrot or a paperclip.

If you can read this they have probably stabbed you allready?