high im yamwind

Im a old school hairy biker.Been rideing and mixing with the biker scene for all my life.Built two trikes ,had so many bikes over the years.Im currently building a streetfighter fz1000…My current bike is a zxr 750 h1 old but still does the job…Any badit lovers out there;)

Welcome aboard, there’s a few fighters on here :cool:

Welcome to LB!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello :slight_smile:

Welcome…Looking forward to pics of the FZ project.

hey ya, welcome!

second that afro! theres one i see at ace, black n yellow…ohh yesh!!:smiley:

Welcome to LB. :cool:

Heres a picture of the bike im building

badit lovers… nah know some bandit lovers :smiley:

hiya tony… i have a nicer bike that you! well one not in bits in your airing cupboard :smiley:

:smiley: noz

Hi and welcome.

Bit of a clingfilm thing going on there, is that how to keep tyres fresh?:wink:

Hello and welcome, like the pic, looking forward to seeing the finished article…!