High five, copper!

that’s from a greek comedy show… I’ve actually had a friend who did a similar thing when driving a car (he only waved though)… at the time he had downed quite a bit of alcohol and a few spliffs :crazy:

Not sure why I was in the car with him but those were reckless, carefree days… :smiley:

I’m afraid they knicked it from this jesus…:wink:


But my fav has got to be this…:laugh:

Only a gixxer owner would have the balls…:wink:


That TV show is very old, around mid 90s… that kwak ad looks to be more recent?

Mid 90s? The bike appears to be an underseat exhaust FZ6 Fazer & that model didn’t appear until 2004

Whoops fair point… :slight_smile:

It has been one of the longest running shows… it started before I left the UK but I just noticed that it was on the other channel (after I moved to UK… :stuck_out_tongue: