High Beech

Anyone else going up there today {14th} as its a nice sunny day ?

I would but my bike is sick needs a check out before I take it out again

thats suzuki`s for ya! ha ha

Shut it Fazer boy

ah its one of those rare models a “hiyapusha”

That’s why I carry a pillion aswell as the RAC card

phoooee! ha ha, hiyapusher! like it! only joking graham!!!

I know, will stop crying now

seriously though is there a filter in the tank above the fuel tap ? or is it like mine and its a vacume tap therefore there’s a prob with the diaphragm that shuts of the fuel when it gets low ?

Cant remember, will be attacking it at work tomorrow. Gonna check the fuel pump too while I’m there. I’ve got the Suzi manual to read

You could be right

or it could be that the rubber hose has perished and the static head of fuel when full keeps it open but less fuel less weight causing line to collapse should charge for these consultancies

Keep em coming - got a pen and paper here Will buy you a cuppa next time i see you

Grim i was lucky to met you last time at Ace because pushing busa is probably not the most exciting thing to do …

Wish y fast return on the road on 2 wheels off course

We’d be interested in the next meet at HB. Only a short ride away

Should be going up there on sunday il be on a home built bros if anyones about?