High Beech - Sunday 17th

Looks like its gonna be a dry day.

Anyone fancy meeting for a late breakfast?

I would but I’m going to the Ace for the Toy run


Johny, why not come join us on the toy run mate, its gonna be a hoot!

Think i’m goin on the toy run, but be up for high beech after

I havent been up to High Beech for years, but this Sunday i too will be on the Toy run. And after that im off to the out laws for Lunch.

I might join you Terry as I’ve never been to High Beech

i would like to play to

what time will you be heading of?

Adz, I’ve text you.

There’s a few of us going after the toy run. So if your not going on it and still want to meet up. I’ll pm u me mobby number.

Be nice to meet the man behind the pic’s