high beech and ace cafe

if any one intrested me and few of my friends are going out on sunday to high beech and then ace cafe if any one intrested to join us please do or if you would just come to the ace cafe it would be awsome to just meet some of you guy’s

i like your idea, it’s the kind of trip i would make and have made before. i maybe able to join you, but not sure yet as this older woman wanted to have me for dinner…:smiley: she likes me so much it scares me, so hopefully if she doesn’t text me then i’ll be coming down to high beech.

or i don’t know if you’re planning to meet in the morning then i’d probably be able to pop into high beech and then see her. what time were you thinking of on sunday?

Yep could be interested even though i go High Beach most Sundays :stuck_out_tongue: What sort of time you thinking of being there? My ride is my Avatar or i could be on My Triumph Sprint ST

i will be there with my aprlia thats my avartar so will be one of my m8’s other two with yamaha r125 ad oe probly with a bandit ot sure yet the time about 12 or 1 ish not sure just jet ill post it before i go :wink:

i should be in high beech at about 12 maybe sooner and then ace cafe not sure maybe at about 3 :wink:

Where is High Beach cafe? I fancy a trip to the seaside.


well it looks like i’m coming out with you folks afterall:) will be at high beech at 12 maybe earlier, but won’t go to ace as i’ve been there this friday, don’t want to have too much of a good thing :stuck_out_tongue: i will go on my little ride to box hill…probably get lost in coldharbour :smiley: i love my baby, i was sitting in the pub for about two hours just passing by time, waiting for someone and thinking about how much i love riding those roads there and how much i loathe and at the same time like getting lost.

I get lost all the time on my rides… Ive only been to boxhill once and that was a rite mission, the jets will tell ya. I left late and still managed to get there early even though i ended up taking a little detour down some random roads that i would love to find again. Must say one of the best rides ive had getting there and back :smiley:

Nice ride out ruined by the weather… I’m soaking wet :pinch:

same oh well hopefully next time it will hopefully turn out to be dry :wink:


lol, then you may have got lost in Headley area, always go through roads in that area as they are better than going straight through A24. I went to see Hever castle once, and decided to go through Headley ( there is one particular road in there that i quite like ) so i went down that road, did a u-turn went back up it and went down the same road again! :smiley:

i was soaked down to my underwear! :smiley: and my boots will still be wet tomorrow, so going to have to wear trainers when i ride to work tomorrow.