High Beech & Ace Cafe

I saw that some people are planing to escape destruction of London on the weekend, so there’s a proposition for the brave souls who are staying here. We can meet at High Beech in the morning, have a sausage roll and go to Aces for coffee.

Who’s up for it?

i am joining it ass well and probably some more
hope to see you there :wink:

Put me down as a maybe lol

sorry guys, tomorrow’s going to rain, pretty much all day. i’ve got no problem riding in the rain, but i’d rather spend this day doing productive things for myself, as i’ve been putting off doing important chores for some time now that have got to be done.

hope you all enjoy though :slight_smile:

:w00t: Is the monsoon currently affecting West London due to affect parts as far away as High Beech?!!! :w00t::w00t:

Dunno lol but it is raining atm not sure if it will be later on though.
Me and the mrs usually take a ride up there for a snack and a tea :smiley:
As i have stated i ride the bike in my avatar and i have a red Triumph
Sprint ST so will be on one or tother

so far the weather looks good, so see you all in high beech around 11 o’clock, if it’s not gonna start pissing down :wink: