High Beach Sunday

Any one interested in meeting up at High Beach this Sunday afternoon (about 2pm). Plenty of time then to get home for the cup final <G>

That sounds good ! Unfortunately to watch a world cup final without Brazil there I have to ‘prepare’ myself way before, lol

well youu have another 4 years to ‘prepare’ now, LOL

Would love to mate… but off to South Wales this weekend to see the family.


Ill be there most likely i live about 5 mins away…where about u live mate?

I live in Chingford, only 5 mins also from high Beach

it will be good to meet you there,

Would love to come but cant make it this sunday, dammm its only 5 mins from me but i am working

Erm hopefully at Cadwell watching Chuffster & Gareth, otherwise rolling in a Newcastle gutter after a wild night.

maybe I will come and test drive one of your cars then

I live 5 mins away too, so if Im around and not suffering from the night before too much I’ll ride over.

we should set a time as every time i go ther i have no one 2 talk 2! i live in chigwell

I live in chigwell too Prob seen u about thanutz

Im working somewhere else on Sunday the car business just doesnt pay me enuf lol (gotta save up for my bike somehow )

I live in Chingford off Friday Hill so it’s not distance really. Likewise, been up there a couple of times but don’t really know anyone. If you guys wanna suggest a time I’ll do my best to be there.

well mornings are always good…meet there go for a blast down roydon epping and beyond if u guys are up for it?? and weather permitting of course?

i think i know where u means is there at the bottom of that hill a macdies?

I live down about a 5 min walk from the station off the main high road about 2 sec drive from dillons and well b4 west hatch…

Jon I also live in Chingford, Station Road, I have the fish shop along there, The one with the fresh fish too

I was thinking of going up to High Beach about 2PM

Silly Question, Where is High beach? I am in Sutton


Thats kings head hill your thinking of

I was thinking of meeting about 2PM at High Beach, maybe you can pop in after you run