HID Xenon Fitting

Right then, I tried to fit HID to the wee Monster but have run into a few issues.

Firstly the startup procedure (technical name - dial spinnie thing) won’t work with the ballast plugged into the headlight wiring.

So I start the bike then plug it in. It then flickers. Bright as hell but flicks. I’ve been told that the current it probably weak and that I need to take a feed direct from the battery, also adding a switch so I can start up without the light on.

Does this sound right to all any of you technically minded?

Any idea?



So you, an untrained yoof, are meddling with Italian electrics?




Sounds like a sh*t after market kit to me, you should have asked i have OE bmw hella ballast that would have probabaly fitted nicely, had mine up and running in no time once ith initial hiding of the ballast was done… what kit ya fitting mini mo

You’re probably right Flats.

It’s an HID 4 U kit. A mate on mine has one on his Beemer and it works a treat.

Wasn’t sure whether it was the kit or the power supply as they suggested.

What’s the damage on the BMW kit?