Hi All,

My name is Mateusz, I am a total newbie, just bought my first bike and realised what have i been missing out my whole life :smiley: i should have never waited that long. I still get the shivers and a small heart attack each time i ride out to work and tbh i hope this feeling will never wear out.

I am driving a yfz r125 and will probably will stick to it for some time to learn and get to know bikes in general before doing da.

Looking forward to meeting you all and hopefully absorbing some of your knowledge.


Hi and welcome!


Hi Mateusz, welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hrm, I’m sure I’ve seen that bike somewhere before…lovely bike, one of the best looking 125’s out there!

Welcome to the LB family

Hi and welcome,

Small heart attack, does stay for a while, then go…then it will suddenly appear again when you least expect it!


Hi & welcome :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome :smiley:

Hehe :slight_smile: i hope the thrill stays forever, it almost replaced my morning coffee.

szymon > yeah i guess some of you might recognise it :wink: