Hi all,

I was encouraged to join by a friend who made me aware of this community.

I’m new to biking- I did CBT a month ago and bought a 62 plate YBR125 last Sunday.
I’m spending the winter getting familiar and then doing my full test in April or May.

Based in Acton- just down the road from the Ace Cafe and will absolutely make one of the meet ups.

This is my bike:

and this is me:



Hogtrumpet … good name … quick image search put this top of the list …

Avatar… updated. :wink:

Hiya Octa… James :wink: Glad to see you around. Look forward to meeting up on a rideout or at the Ace.

Rob (Crux)

Hi Rob- good to see you here. :wink:
Are you in London then?

Just outside, in Surrey.



welcome !

Hi and welcome!


Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Musician I suspect… do you need a sound engineer?
I’m unemployed at the moment :Whistling:

Welcome to LB
Just in time for the first newbie night of 2014 at the Ace

be there or be a scooterist

(only joking all you scooterists out there) :wink:

Thanks for the welcome peoples.
Will try to make the Ace cafe night- it is just down the road after all.

Welcome James, very popular first bike. Look up Terry Motorcycle on here - he runs a training school for your DAS and is a really nice guy.

Thanks Ally,
I certainly will.

The YBR is a solid little bike.
I’m sort of close to outgrowing it, but it is excellent as a commuter and very frugal on fuel.
Once I get my DAS I’ll be getting a bigger bike of out of town stuff- but the plan is to keep the YBR for daily use at this stage.

I’m a producer/engineer myself. :wink:

Once you have passed your test and got a bigger bike, I doubt you will ride the YBR very often, not when you have something way more exciting to ride!! Happy for you to prove me wrong though!!

You might well be right.

I was thinking that commuting would be hard on my ‘pride and joy’- not sure what it will be yet but a Speed Triple, a T100 or possibly a Yamaha XJR1300 are what I mostly lust after.
Plenty of time to decide.

Hi and welcome :smiley:

not all 125s are boring

still enjoy my varadero. but yeah i still wanna get a bigger bike in 2014