A big hello to all members of London Bikers,I’ve just started this fantastic adventure of biking, currently on a Honda CBR125r, but my dream bike would be a Honda Hornet.
My earliest memories of motorbikes are sitting on the fuel tank of my dads Jawa( not sure if they still make them) and going for long rides. It was just amazing. I always wanted a bike but career, wife and kids got in the way.
My circumstances have just changed( I think for the better,my wife does not think so) my company will be moving to the westend in a year and a bit, as there will be no easy parking, congestion charge and endless traffic, I just had to get a bike, so I could get back in time to pick the kids up from school.
It has been so good, even in the pouring rain I have been riding with a big smile on my face, and other bikers have been so nice, always getting a nod when they see the L plates, its like being part of a family.
I’ve given myself a year to build up my experience, and then go for the big test and big bike.
So please have a virtual drink on me, so enjoying this site.

PS When I build up the courage, I shall have a ride down to the Ace Cafe, I’ve passed the place so many time in my car and its always looked amazing.


:laugh::laugh: Hi Milton welcome to LB hope to see you at one of our meet’s :angry::angry:

Welcome To LB

Be good to see you at the Ace, welcome!:slight_smile:

Welcome to LB Milton. Ace is great, especialy on Fridays for bike night! :slight_smile:

Welcome :-). There’s a Hornet parked next to my bike in the hotel car park this evening, it’s very nice. It’s parked next to a Honda Deauville which I have to admit I like even more, but either would work for me! :stuck_out_tongue:


welcome, see you at the ace soon