Hi !

First time forum user. Been beating you all off the lights and out of corners for so long I thought I would say Hi!

Newbie night?

oh yes, that friendly biker unity? Has no one got a sense of humour? had I written, hi i am a newbie and I ride a 10 plate R1, looking forward to meeting up at Borough or the Ace. One of you may have actually welcomed me to your site. Cheers London bikers.

Are you the bikers that never bother to return the obligatory nod of the head whilst passing each other on the Queens highways???

Hi and welcome aboard.

:hehe: Hi welcome to LB,Its weakend alot of peeps are on rides, you will get greetings, some times it takes a bit longer,always nod, even thogh, its not always returned:D

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello R1 guy!

When they dont return the nod I just think to myself “Hmmm motorcycle newbies”

nice attitude, maybe some people dont get on here at the weekends as much as week days etc.
Give people a chance.

Blimey chuck, who’s on the computer at 11am on a sunny, warm Saturday? :wink: Take it easy fella, everyone is welcome on here - including yourself - check out the rides and events section as there are lots of chances to meet people in person and have a blast:cool::smiley:

Welcome to LB…please leave your baggage at the door!! :smiley: