just joined site tonight


Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Tell me you can count higher than that :wink:

no sorry 123 abc is as good as it gets:P

Are you local? What you gonna ride when your bikes sold? :slight_smile:

yeah live s/e london kent

once tri-arm sold im getting a r6

Good choice :cool:

its about as close to a tri arm as i could get very easy free revving engine

Welcome to the forum, i used to have a gull arm many moons ago, excellent bike:cool: see you on a ride sometime

Hi and welcome aboard.

hi redz

thanks for the welcome

gull arms o.k but i find they dont have the raw age like a tri-arm

with a R1 you must be fastest pizza man in uk

hi johnp

thanks for welcome

cant remember the last time isaw a nexus 500 on the road very rare bike.:hehe:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

hello fella

welcome, thats a classic bike

Welcome Mr 123 :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome :smiley: