Im angel.
I’ve posted about twice on the forum but never introduced my self so i thought i would get around to it erm im a chick as you can tell from the name lol i started riding late last year took 3 times for me to pass my cbt.

First time i couldnt perfect the figure of 8 with ride london so they said come back another time (ps wouldnt recommend ride london)

second time at another riding school they didnt think i was confident enough to go on the road so i went home practice for about two days came back and passed YIPPEE was about time

Rode my aprilia Rs125 a few times with my hubby goose (with the I’M BLACK SHIRT in the forum lol) driving behind me screaming open the trottle lol … i love riding i love feeling that hint of fear everytime i get on a bike … well i havent riden in a while and cant ride again until july so ive sold the RS looking forward to doing my DA and looking for my new bike (a project bike something i can put my signature on, respray etc while i have to wait b4 riding again) i think i will start out with a 600 but have it restricted … anyways sorry for the long essay but thats my introduction and a bit about me

haha, well when your creeping along at 5mph and the whole of Kent is behind my car wondering whats goin on, im gonna shout at ya to give it more power!

Hi Angel

Welcome to LB

Hey Angel - Welcome to LB

Hope to meet you and Goose sometime soon.

haha that was fun, remember the guy that was walking faster than i was riding… but then again i was learning.

P.S Thanks for the welcomes hope to ride with you soon. xxx

Hello from me

Hi Angel!

The three of us should embrace the deepest darkest roads Kent has to offer (the two of us on our 125s and Goose far in the distance bombing along!)

Welcome and nice to see you here


haha i will ride ahead and order the food!

haha sounds good ginger

Hello and welcome

welcome to the mental institute.

Hey you!

Welcome to LB xxxx

Welcome to LB

Hey Angel, welcome to LB! Hope to see you out and about…

sound like i will fit right in then

Hey Angel…Welcome

Tell Goose to bomb up the road checking for Police ahead…

He can then buzz you when the coast is clear and you can start practicing your wheelies

shes already done a rolling endo! “got a bit happy with sharp brakes”

Welcome to the site