Hi everyone ive been a member for a little while now but i haven’t wrote in here so i thought i would im quite new to this site and i hope you guys and girls arn’t ageist im sure your not tho.

Great site and hope to see you guys at one of the meets soon.
I Will recomend this site to any biker the people are v.nice and helpfull.

Hello fella, welcome to LB (again!), enjoy!

Long time no speak lol

Thanks again Jay

Great site!

Welcome mate

Hello Trix-8 and welcome to our little oasis of …

sh@t i forgot what it was…

anyway you get the idea, welcome and mines a diet coke no ice and mind the step

Welcome to LB Trix-8, nice wheelie

hello trix

just wanted to say hello like the endo!

keep safe