Just joined, thought I would introduce myself. I ride a CBR600F (pic in my sig!) which I just bought recently after riding a GS500 for 6 months since I passed my test in April. I did live in Finchley but had to move away recently so haven’t been riding my bike in London lately but I am moving to Cambridge soon so I will be commuting down to work (Whitechapel) on my bike as much as possible!!

Cheers, Dan.

welcome to lb dan

Hi there mate!

Hey Dan, nice bike! Welcome to LB. Sounds like a long commute, but I hope you enjoy it!

Wekcome to LB Dan… Post a pic up of your ride in the ‘Members Gallery’


Hiya dan,

enjoy the site mate

Welcome to LB, Dan!

Erm, guys, when you compliment him for his bike and ask him to post a pic of it in the members’ bike gallery, are you referring to the panda? Was that the inspiration for your paintjob, rottie?

Welcome to our virtual world dan, pull up a seat and settle in mate, it gets very addictive…

Hello and welcome Dan. I live in Finchley. What part of Finchley did you live in?

Gidday, welcome aboard. nice bike.

hello, welcome to our world

Thanks all for the welcomes!! Snap - I used to live on the edge of North Finchley, it was more Friern Barnet really but I tend to say Finchley as more people know where that is It was down by Tesco’s on the new estate.

Cheers, Dan.

P.S If any mod’s read this my mail server blocked the confirmation e-mail. I have allowed it through now, any chance it can be resent?

Hi Dan and welcome.

I love the look of your CBR.

As i can’t get myself into gear-can i have a strong latte please and some jaffa cakes.

Another newbie welcome welcome

Welcome to LB friend! Hope you enjoy the site

Hey Illusion

Hello mate Russ here how you doing?
Told you this was a good site, the bike still looks shiney! You been riding it or just polishing it?? lol

Hi Russ,

Yeah I’ve been riding it a few times but then give it a quick wipe over when I get back, haha! I’m sure I will get out of that habit after bombing down the M11 most days!


(see ya sunday)

Me & DJ JC use the retail park quite often to brush up on our skills (when its empty) and we have a mate who lives in the estate opposite the Alfa dealership who we ride with occasionally too.