hi ya all! x

hi my names sarah had bike since i was 16 but just got a new one and would like to meet and go for bike rides with new people and become friends

i live in london and would be cool to meet ppl who live close by.

Im 22 and up for all ride’s.

burn rubber not your soul and keep rubber to the ground

Hello and Welcome to the Madhouse

What part of London are you from ?

Welcome aboard

Hey Sarah, welcome to LB!

Hi and welcome, see you on friday at the Ace then

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hiya Sarah,

You might want to get yourself over to Waltham Abbey on Sunday, here is the thread: http://londonbikers.com/forums/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=52&MessageID=176211

A few of us are meeting up at the Cafe for coffee and natter and maybe a rideout somewhere if the weather gods are on our side.

Failing that there is a regular Newbie meet at the Ace cafe on the North Circular/ A406 just by Park Royal - this Monday coming is the next one. Plenty going on though, the Rideouts Section has various things going on - St Davids is Saturday - Ace to Clacton too!!

Hope to see you.


BTW, poke poke poke, with the original carbon newbie stick

Hi and welcome to LBs

Hope to meet you on Monday evening if not Sunday


Royal Oak…thats miles away from the Ace…surely you mean Park Royal

There is a Royal Oak in Chingford


hi yeah i put the wrong the thing i ment park royal

Hi Sarah,

The more the merrier on here; get yerself down to one of the meets AJ mentioned, well actually I typed - she just told me what to write…its a team thing!

Anyways, keep it rubber side down, its the only way!



Welcome to the site

Hello Sarah, and Welcome!

welcome!!! hope to see ou at the newbie night!!!


burn rubber not your soul? been watching too much biker boys! lol


or was that watching biker mice from mars,
pop down to rex judds at west hampstead one sunday and say hello to me john in clothing dept,15% off clothing

welcome to the lb,

hello sarah, newbie stick poke poke !!

check out one of the newbie meets if you hav’nt been already poke poke!!

welcome to the mad house

adios amiga