just saying hello my names Ross im 17 iv been rideing since i was 16 (had a suzuki ts50x) now im 17 im rideing a yamaha dt125 (soon to be supermotoed and without L plates) me and my dad came up tea hut in blackheath today meet a few people so this is me just saying hi XD

Welcome to LB tiger!

hope to see you around more often :slight_smile:

Ohai :slight_smile:
good meeting ya.

I was (and still am :wink: ) the tall bloke with the heavy German accent :w00t:

nice meeting you and your dad,have fun converting the dtr keep the off road wheels for when you fancy some green laning in the winter;)

Cheers for the replys. We will see evryone at the tea hut next week XD and GP thats the plan supermoto for the road and some nice juicy knobilys for the mud XD

:hehe: Hi Ross Welcome To LB :hehe:


Welcome fellow tard :smiley:


Was lovely to meet you and your old man :slight_smile:

XD cheers was nice meeting you to and shall meet again when your on a bike XD

welcome :slight_smile: