Hi when is the soho days and.......

i was chating to this geezer called steve wright and he told me there were pics of this girl getting on a motor bike looking all hot and banging a wheelie and coming off is this true? i think he said it was at aces cafe, and where can i see it.

or do i have to wait for him round a corner and give him the good news from the left right twins for telling porkies.

look here


then here


poor gal will never be able to show her face at ace again for the Embarrassment!

Hey misty! you sure you not the dozey bint on said bike in the pics?

Seems bit weird newbie saying speaking to some1 bout certain pics, lol.

yeah nice baps. however im not the bird in said pics as im a geezer

And you replaced your original post with that drivel? Was it really worth it, or just a waste of cyberspace?

maybe the dude was trying to get rid of her?

“wearing no gear and 5inch heels? sure! hop on my r1 and twist the right bar really hard - you’ll love it…”

Even better :

"Hop on my mate’s R1 etc… "


stupid, stupid girl.

At least she’s not completely useless…you could park your pushbike in her cleavage!


or a bouncy castle.

nope… I think that her cleavage is the bouncy castle…

True story this…

A friend of mine, Aimee, started seeing this new guy a couple of years older who had just bought (i think) a DT 125 for his little bro who got his CBT. She then was saying how she use to ride motorbikes although it had been a while (total bollox to impress him!). He then said do u want to take it for a spin (he didnt know how to ride a motorbike) she said sure.

Well uve prob guessed the rest she took it out, with just over delivery miles on it was ok for a few 100m lost balance + gave it to much power ruined the bike and had bad road rash as she did it in her jeans heals but did wear a liD!

Silly girl!

Obviously touchy with a bad attitude if that was his/her reply, lol.

You should have read the original one, which was soooo much worse!

Lol, oh well.

Says it not the dosey bint but obviouslt touched a nerve somewhere.

Cant see wot else may have offended.