Hi Vis Jacket

Okay done it, got myself one, all these accidents and people saying they cant see me…gone and bought myself a bright lime green fluorescent jacket…

first thing mate says you working on the roads then…great…now I know why I have not worn one before…

You’ll get loads of sarky remarks but sod them, if it keeps you up right then it’s worth it.

Mine comes out for these dark nights and you can tell straight away the difference being seen… though be prepared for the numptys to suddenly break in front of you cos they think they have plod up their arse. :crazy:

Driving the car/van around it’s often only the jacket catching lights in front that I know there’s a biker ahead.

use it


I use a really big and bright one - not a vest…its great because I get seen and stay dry at the same time!

Safe and sound with a little street cred missing is a hell of a lot better than having loads of street cred and getting yourself killed!!

Prevention is better than hospital food, stuff what people think.