Hi-Vis Gore-Tex Jacket

After three years my Hein Gericke Voyager jacket has seen better days. I’m after a replacement. It needs to have three things:

  1. Gore-tex (if it ain’t, it ain’t water proof).
  2. Hi Vis (ie bright yellow as I like to be seen).
  3. Good armour.

I know that Rukka do one but does anyone else? Otherwise Jonny Zero at Hanger Lane Infinity gets the business.

Halvarssons do a hi-viz overjacket as part of their system. Pricy like Rukka!

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH man . . . I need the commission :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry dude. How’s this:

Halvarssons do a hi-viz overjacket as part of their system. WAY too expensive. Go see Jonny Zero.


Honestly though, I tried the Halvarssons Safety kit before buying Rukka and didn’t like it. Couldn’t get on with the inner fleecy liner - feels like wearing a woolly mammoth.

Much better ta :smiley:

http://www.aerostich.com do a very bright yellow jacket… there is also http://www.olympiamotosports.com/ast_mens/ast_mens.htm both US based so you can take advantage of the weak dollar :slight_smile:

Hey Jonny, I’m thinking of a waterproof jacket for the France trip. Might pop down to see you. Are you there Mon-Fri, or Sats as well?

The hi-viz Rukka jacket is at the high end of the Rukka range - from memory £600+

I compromised by getting the Rukka Steel jacket - their entry level and wearing a hi-viz vest over it. Has the advantage that I can leave the yellow bit in the bike if I am wearning the jacket off the bike.

I bought mine at Rex Judd - extra discount for LBers and so massively cheaper than Infinity.

Aerostich makes a line of coats and trousers, and one piece outfits for riding in rain and/or cold. The purchasers of AeroStich seem to love them, but they are HIGHLY priced. One of the options is the BRILLIANT retina-searing yellow. They have all sorts of tools, that call me late at night when I am alone, working in the garage. “Tinker, Tinker, buy us, buy us!”, they cry. And I do what the voices, here in my head, tell me to.

Thanks for all the replies peeps. The annoyance of it all it is on hold due to work. Had to shell out some serious wonga in expenses. It has put a nice dent in my balance. :angry:

Thats not quite true as ive had a Dainese gt400 D-Dry jacket for 3 years this year, ive done 24000 miles in this jacket used it through torrential rain and ive come out bone dry the other side… as for the reflective side you could get yourself a respro reflective waistcoat from infinity too in orange, and the best bit is it folds into a neat little pouch.