Hi to you all

HiNew to the forums

hope to get involved in your events

ride a bandit 600

Welcome to LB :cool:


look forward to going to some of the meets.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB,do you get up to the tea hut at High Beech:)

Yes whenever Possible I take a ride up to the hut.

is it one of your haunts

Certainly is,was up there Sunday for tea and cake.If it’s not bucketing down I’ll probably stop there after work at the weekend.

I was not there this weekend as I went up to the bike show at the nec.

at least the weather is still reasonable so still riding into work every day.

as weekends just seem so caotic at the moment don’t get out on the weekend as much as I would like

Ello and welcome, jeez another bandit owner buggers are breeding…looked at a 1200 yesterday tempting :slight_smile:

Hello Bandit Rider, welcome to LB!

Hi and welcome!

What colour is your Bandit BTW? :smiley:

My bandit is red

getting a bit tire now so very tempted to change it.

fancy the 1200.

welcome mate and merry christmas:w00t: