Hi to all


I am a new member to londonbikers.com so thought that i should introduce myself.

I have been away from bikes for some time to make a family, now that its made (three girls) decided to get back into it in a big way.

Put on a few pounds so had to go & get a big bike to accommodate me, ended up with a 06 GSX 1400. I love it, she will keep up with most sport bikes, very comfortable & often scares me. Who was it that said you should do something scary every day to keep you alive?.

Regular at the ace cafe & hope to get to Borough Market asap.



welcome to LB!

welcome good you let the snow melt first:hehe:

ride safe


Was your bike the VERY clean 1400 at the Ace yesterday?

Hi and welcome, Bricking It`s version of very clean leaves a lot of lee-way.:stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to LB. That’s a whole lot of bike - enjoy! :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome to the forum. :smiley:


welcome to londonbikers