Hi to all

Hello to all of you out there, :)Im new to all the sites and things but no doubt will find me way around and get chattey as I grow in confidence. A little early for me but gonna try and get back on later before the bar closes :stuck_out_tongue: hope to make some conatcts and new friends, Cos I aint got any, Ahhhhhhh (yes thanks) gonna go for now, will see u all laters :slight_smile:

Hello there and welcome…:smiley:

Welcome Taz, what d’ya ride? :slight_smile:


Hi alex,

upgraded to zzr1400 last year from zzr 1200, :w00t:

No wonder you ain’t got any mates :PJust kidding ;)Welcome to LB :smiley:


ZZR1400, almost as nice a bike as mine !! :smiley:
Welcome to LB mate.

hehe, you’re getting a taste of the humour in here!

Although Trojan just arrests anyone who doesn’t laugh at his jokes! :hehe: