Hi to all!

I have been advised that I should have done this bit first instead of just charging in and making posts without an introduction. Me all over really, threw the instructions out when putting the cans on my bike then realised I’d fitted them arseways!! It does not seem right to refer to myself as a new anything but I am new to this site so when in Rome. My name is Paul Hayes and it’s been 2 hours since my last ride. I have been riding bikes since I was 15 but only did my test this year, now 40 so thought it about time! Oh and all my riding was off-road and within the legal limits offisker!! Started off on scooters, mod then scooterist then into bikes once I’d hit 6ft and felt like a d*** on tiny italian rides. Bikes owned include fsie, gp, rd, bandit6, mille and then the r1. Came off the r1 in dramatic fashion (is there any other way?) so had a break for a while but now in the famous words of Bender Rodrigous, I’m back baby!! I am now riding a k8 busa for fundays and a tdm850 for commuting. I favour a very lairy icon jacket with a skull on the back and draggin jeans so if you see me come and introduce yourself, be good to meet like-minded people. Once again big hello and hope I raised a smile. Stay safe and as upright as possible.:wink:

Hello and Welcome :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello mate, welcome to the site.:slight_smile:

Welcome mate I see you know Rodders then :slight_smile:

welcome to lb mate,a friend of flipper is a friend of mine…jb :smiley:

Hello and welcome… :hehe:

Hi and wellycome…:smiley:

Hi & welcome from another newbie, hope to see you around some time.


Welcome to LB

Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile:


Hello mate - I was there with Lusty and Jason at the Ace with you.
Welcome to LB :smiley:


Welcome to the site mate.

hi and welcome :slight_smile: