Hi to All ...

Just wana say hello, I met a member from here on Saturday night at pub who recommended I sign up. (ginger pixie).

Spent many moons riding pillion with older brother, then hubby, then finally got my own bike. Started of with a Suzi Marauder 125 & now

I ride a Honda Steed 400. Did the restricted test last September .

Looking forward to the Mayday run & will be heading to the Bulldog Bash come August. Roll on summer .

Cheers All

murphyD xx

Hey honey!!! Welcome aboard! Anyone who joins in an Irish jig and sings Molly Malone duet with me is tops in my books - oh yeah and also a plus if they ride

Hope to see you down the Swan on Sunday for the race and we’ll go out on the bikes soon


Hi hun. Anywhere theres a jig, I’m never far away. LOL

I’ll see if I can get to pub on Sunday. Cheers xx

Hey, welcome to LB!


Welcome to LB

ello and welcome ! … so Orla is this why your ill today huh !

ha ha Karen - murphy is one of us - a good old Biker Chick … not that any of us are old that is



hello and welcome


hey murphy, welcome

Cheers everyone for the warm welcome