hi to all

Just thought i would say hi.

Ride a couple of bikes so here they are.

Harley Dyna and Sv650s

If there are any pics with this there must be a god…

Maybe i’ll see you all at some point,Cheers


Newbie to Newbie, welcome…

see you at the Newbie gathering on the 2nd?

Hello and Welcome

Come on the superhoops…

Yeh, welcome to LB matey - get yerself down to the Ace on the 2nd of October for our newbie meeting; or along to Cubana at some point.

BTW - watch out for DA and AJ - they poke 'n smack all the newbies - its a kinda traddition see

Oh and hope the virtual card is behind the bar - theres a few that likes to drink!

Welcome to LB

poke poke n SMACK with the newbie crutches

Hi And welcome to the LBs, hope to see you at the Ace on the 2nd





(i used to have a lovely yellow Dyna but now i can stop and corner!!)…LOL

but Ninjas dont sound the same do they???

welcome to LB see ya soon

Hey hd, welcome to LB! Nice bikes, hope to see you on them at our Cubana meets!


welcome to LB!!!

poke poke with the newbie stick



Another newbie. Coming to the Ace on the 2nd?

Welcome newbie to newbie

Welcome, nice bikes, I see you like red.

Thanks everyone,

I will try to get to the Ace,and i do like Red.