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Hi all, my name is George, I’m Greek and I’ve been living in London for a while. I finally decided to stick a finger to London Underground and get back into biking, so I just got myself a used PCX125.

Nothing fancy and certainly a lot more pedestrian than my previous bikes (!), but it’s what the doctor ordered for commuting through central London (currently Docklands - Fulham). I did the math, and even with the extortionate insurance, it still is cheaper than a travelcard! Plus, I got again my own set of wheels and it’s fun! :w00t:

As I hadn’t got the time to take proper photos since I bought it (and it’s nothing to write home, to begin with! :hehe:), here are a couple of photos of what I used to ride back home:

I just have a question for you guys and gals: The scooter is past due it’s 2500 mile service. Normally, I’m fairly mechanically competent and I like to work myself on my bike, but here in London I don’t have the tools or space. I called a few main Honda dealers and they all quoted circa 130 quid for the basic service, which is preposterous. Can you recommend a decent, independent garage that is reasonably priced?

Thanks in advance!

no, but I can recommend a shop where you can fix it yourself: http://www.ovalmotorcyclecentre.co.uk/

and welcome to LB!

Hi and welcome!


Hi George and welcome to LB.

I have the same bike for my commuting and my 12.5k service was around £70 at HGB Motorcycles in Ruislip (might be a bit of a trek from Fulham though).

Having said that I don’t think the minor services are much more than just an oil change which can be done quite easily.

That’s weird, they were one of the dealers I called and told me twice that.:blink:

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£70.00 to £130.00 for a minor service :w00t:

What are you people thinking of. Apart from an oil and filter change your getting a brake/tyre wear check, which you should be doing at least once a week for yourself on a commuter motorcycle. A quick lube of the cables and a glance over everything else. As above get yourself on an OMC basic maintenance course, a service manual and DIY. Its less than an hours work and you’ll enjoy your steed so much more having got her fluids under your finger nails :wink:

Hi & welcome! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome :smiley:


I bought my own oil and went to Oval (great customer service, btw). Total cost, less than £30! :cool: