Hi there.. :)

Hello everyone ,

I’m Alex , from Ealing , West London .
I’m new to the forum and also to motorbiking ( kind of ) .

Anyway … here’s a picture with my toy , Honda CBR500R, just got it … I heard it’s pretty good for beginners.

Btw … anyone else around Ealing ? Maybe we can go for a ride together … I’d like to learn some stuff from more experienced riders :slight_smile:

welcome your not far from me :wink:

hey Alex, west is best!

Hi & Welcome :slight_smile:

welcome to LB alex. nice bike mate. :slight_smile:

Hi Alex, hello from another Ealing-ite. You’re only spitting distance away from The Ace Cafe and I’ve heard that the odd biker hangs out there :D.

Thanks everyone … I hope I’ll make some friends here…
So far none of my friends are interested in motorbikes :slight_smile: .

Anyway … I’ll try to join some of LB Meets , if the weather is ok…

Welcome to LB Alex
Pop down to Borough Market on Wednesday evenings or Ace first Monday of the month, will be nice to see one of those bikes in the flesh :slight_smile:

Thanks .

Sure …
I thought this bikes are already very popular, I was worried that it might not get noticed because so many have it already :slight_smile:

But anyway … I like it … I bought it on Saturday. It is an Ex Demo bike From Honda … It has about 600 miles. I’ve been today for the first service and also to remove all those dealer stickers.

Thinking about popping down this wed? :slight_smile: Not seen one yet!

I was actually planning to come this wed , but we’ll see… If the weather is nice, I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome!



Hi and welcome to the forum mate. Nice looking bike you got there :slight_smile:

Thanks …

hello, i’m in ealing too.

see you at the ace tonight if you can make it.

Great … I’ll see you there :slight_smile:

hi, nice new bike , enjoy it and ride safe. A tube strike for next 48 hrs and bad weather forcast , winds quite strong, take it carefull. Also make sure your security is good and careful where you leave the bike, would hate to see your enjoyment of the new bike messed up:)

Welcome to the madhouse

I keep trying to get to newbie night but everything else keeps getting in the way