Hi there

Just joined. I have been riding into Canary Wharf from Hertfordshire since 2004, but for the past year I have been commuting into central London, Blackfriars.

Ride safe


Hi and welcome aboard.
Where in Herts are you.

Ware. I’m avoiding the old joke about “Ware in Herts” and “Where in Herts?”:slight_smile:

Forgot to say I’m on a 04 Triumph Bonneville. I had a series of Piaggio Xx before that from a 125cc X9 to the 400cc X8.

Hi welcome to LB:D

Welcome :wink:

Welcome to LB

Hi & Welcome To LB Mate,

Where abouts in Herts are you from ?

Hi Martin,

Welcome to LB.


Welcome to LB:)