Hi there

Hi there
Im James and Im new to the site and teh whole meetings/rideout thing. But I came along with a mate to tonights meeting and i found it enjoyable. Didnt meet too many ppl cos im a bit shy :blush: but everyone there seemed like a sound bunch! Ive been riding just over a year now and here is my current bike:
Anyone else around croydon area, as it would be cool to meet some of yous!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi James

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Hello & welcome to LB!
Nice bike :wink:

welcome aboard mate, and i hope you’ve got that baffle out now :wink:

Yeh took it out once i got back!!! Had a good old ride with it out today :smiley:

Welcome to LB :wink:

Hey. Was that a good ride to college as that is normally shitty.lol

Welcome aboard fella…:smiley:


Hello and welcome to LB:D

hey fella

nice to meet you at BMM, i like your SV.its teh right colour:w00t: clean too!

just cleaned mine, the dirty…

oh and how much better do they sound when…ahem free breathing!!:cool:

welcome to LB, dont be shy, i was but now theres no shutting me up!:w00t:

Yeh sounds so great with it out lol I forgot what it sounded like. I normally clean it every week or after each wet day otherwise its such a pain to get the ****/salt off.

How I miss the sound of my Sv :crying:

hahah ur fz sounds better tho!!!

Welcome to LB’s, I’ve been a member since Jan, still have’nt got to a Boro meet yet, did venture up on a Sunday, not a bike in site.

Live in Selsdon area, if i’m going on a rideout i’ll let you know, sometimes pop down to Box Hill on a Sunday with Mrs Gsxrcpfc, she’s got a Suzuki En125, planning to take test this year.

Doing the London bikers trackday at Brands on the 29th April, did one last year, all sorts of bikes and bikers on track, some Rossi types, some chilled out types, some just out for the experience, only 145 quid, we had 7 twenty minute sessions on track and only one crash amongst all of us on the day.


Hi James and welcome to LB,

Not long joined the site but have been watching from the bushes for awhile now :w00t: if you know what I mean :slight_smile: I don’t leave that far away from you in the bad lands of Mitcham :rolleyes: I’ve not had the chance to vist the BMM yet as that night is drill night for me. I do go to boxhill and newlands corner as well. I’ll keep an eye out for you.


Welcome to LB!!

meet you soon.


hi james

hey james…well i got the same sig here as 125cc too lol

next time we ride out…go in front!! that way im not too shook to go over 35 haha

i mite go borough next week too…ill let u kno…once u know the route it’ll be cool!

croydon ftw!