Hi there

hi all thought id introduce myself yep another newbie has joined!!!

well im sorry to say i dont ride (at the moment) but love being pillion when i can and have been to ace cafe and BM on a wed with my mate wasp only recently got back into bikes im single with 2 girls.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello and welcome, the more the merrier :slight_smile:

Hey Hey you found us!!!:smiley: Hi Tinks luvvie…Hey guy’s this is the luvverly lady who i posted about a while back who is single and wants some fun wiv us bikers:P Anyone wiv a spare pillion seat please stand up!!:wink:

Now wheres that newbie stick:hehe:

aahhh thanks for making me feel welcome!!!:smiley:

ok wasp dont tell everyone its me and if you use the newbie stick i wont make no more tea at your place lol :smiley:

Hello and welcome to our world!!! if you ever need a ride or a lift let me knoW;)

Hi and welcome!

Welcome to LB :smiley:

same here :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB, if your based any where near Herts and ever need a lift to ACE let me know.


Hi and welcome along,

dont worry ginger will be along soon 05/12/07 not long.

thanks everyone and for the offers for the rides very nice of you all :slight_smile:

No Tinks…they offered you their pillion seats…nobody said anything about moving!:wink:



Heyup Tinkerbelle,

Nice to see you’ve signed up :slight_smile:

See you about :wink:

thanks yea thought id give it a whirl, hey wasp my dear sammi dont be cheeky or i wont let you buy me dinner anymore lmao!!!:smiley: