Hi There

Hi All,
have decided to join after some cajoling from some other members of the forum. Do not own a ‘proper’ bike per say but i am working towards it. On the hunt for a 125 to take the CBT but first i need to learn how to balance without falling off. oh the names Adam :))

Lo Adam and welcome,

as for balance practice, try riding a pushbike as slow as you can :wink:

Gears are easy, once you get used to the left lever no longer acting as your rear brake

welcome :slight_smile: as Wyvern says if you can ride a pushbike slowly you will be ok.

hi ya bro!!! hows it going!!

welcome to the mad house!!!lolol:w00t::w00t:

hello and welcome

good luck getting ur licience m8 u should come down to the borough market meet say hello

H and welcome aboard.

Hey Adam, welcome to LB and biking!

now all you have to do is get the pimp my moped going and then you will see a clean pairs of heels :slight_smile:

lets just hope it dont take as long as the mg!!!:w00t:


Welcome to LB Adam! :slight_smile:

Hiya, Welcome to LB

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: