Hi there

Hello everyone,

New member here so my card is behind the bar for drinks!

I’m on Visordown as well and heard about LB, so I thought I’d check it out. I’ve been riding in London for 8 years now and am currently on a KTM Duke II.


Welcome to LB mate,

Sweet bike. My brother had one of those modded and I used to steal the keys from him at every available opportunity absolute cracking bike!

I will have a JD and coke ta!

Remember to post a picture of your bike in the pictures/videos section under the members bike gallery post!

Hello and welcome…


Jim Bean straight to start.

Hello and welcome matey. Pull yerself up a nice comfy chair and get involved, thats when you are not out and about burning up the tarmac of course.

Wlecome to LB

Hello and welcome, hope to sneak out of the house tonight to “get some milk” as other half wants me to do DIY! See you there


Hi and Welcome Mate

Welcome to LB matey

Hi there and welcome

Hey King Kong. Welcome to LB! Why not come to the Waterloo/Cubana meet tonight?


Hi mate…mines a pina colada topped off with a dash of dandelion and burdock and cream soda. welcome to LB.

hi mate…welcome to the wacky warehouse…!!!

nice gesture of the card behind the bar there freind…

mines a can of WD40…

‘‘dam that s*it’s got some kick!!!’’


Ello KK, welcome to LB

Funny tho, you have the same name as my ex’s ‘toy’

Hiya KK. Make yourself at home (no nose picking or chasing girls in scanty clothes through jungles tho).

Yeah, come down and meet us at Waterloo, I’ll be the one who looks like a clown in a dayglo jacket.

Any probs (shouldn’t be any but ya never know)on this 'ere forum, PM me and I’ll sort it

Welcome to the nuthouse KingKong, pull up a chair and make yourself at home mate

OH, mines a JD on the rocks please mate…

hey there,


and enjoy!


no more lemonade for you barro???

King Kong… Hello and Welcome to LB

Corona and a slice of lime please?