Hi there

Hi there,

Name is Ian, Came up to London from Devon about 3 months ago (loving it), live nr Kings Cross, Ride a 52 Fazer Thou.

Met a few members from this site at Chelsea Bridge last night, I’m a regular at FOC-U, will keep an eye out here too now.

See you around.

Welcome Ian! I missed yesterday (as Jay will make sure to let you know, I don’t like bad weather). Hope to meet you as soon as the summer arrives!

Hey Ian, welcome to the big-smoke, and the community. Cezar, you are awful, even we got to Soho and we were enjoying ourselves at a party, but made time to go see our friends! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Yeah Cezar!!!

Ian… Hello and welcome… Look forward to seeing you around… They’re a nice friendly bunch here… Adios!!!

Voces todos nasceram aqui nesta ilha com clima para sapos! Por isto estao acostumados!

No defense in English avalible!


Cezar… Have you been at that whisky again??? LOL

Oh! I have learned to add ice-cream to it foxy! lovely !!!

Welcome to the forum as well as London.


welcome mate. (From another Devonian)

Great site. You will meet lots of decent people here. What where is FOC-U?

Ello Ian, welcome to LB