Hi there in the City!

Hi everybody at LB,

here is the new user Joerg from a small city near Moenchengladbach in Germany. As a UK-maniac and frequent London traveller I will take my bike to London in June for the first time. Some said there are quite a few bikers who survived the traffic over there. So take care if you see a green/black BMW R100GS PD on the wrong side of the road with a confused driver on it. Be patient, I will be leaving three days later.


Welcome to LB

hey there, welcome!

Hello Joerg! I’m sure you’ll be fine, riding in London really isn’t difficult. What are the roads like in Moenchengladbach?

hi, when in june are you coming? you should try to meet up with us

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to LB’s mad house.

Hi and thanks for the warm welcome!

It’s a quite wet Monday over here. It’s raining since ysterday so it is a bit boring inside. Regarding the streets over here I would say all that glitters is not gold. As the government is a bit short of money the roads would benefit from a light cosmetic refurbishment. So I know why I’m the proud owner of an offroad-bike;-)

Our trip will start on Friday the 15th of June until Sunday. It will be a rather short visit, but unfortunately we don’t have more time. I will do the trip with my neighbour, who is already complaining of the pain he will suffer, since he drives a Suzuki GSXR 750 which is not really made for travelling. He is used to cover quite a distance in a short time on the Autobahn. Did I mention I love the comfortabel seat on my bike? As I survived the streets in Greece on quite a lot of holidays (my sister is married in Corfou) I’m confident that we shall return safe.

Does anybody know where we could stay in the vicinty of London? Maybe a small B&B?

PS: if you find some spelling mistakes you may keep them!