hi, steph here.

hi there people, Im new here, as you can see and i ride a kawasaki zxr400. my name is steph and i live in the clapham area…

welcome to london bikers steph…

Welcome to LB Stephanie.

poke poke with the newbie stick



thanx for the poke abbeyj.did i do something wrong or is that your way of greeting on here…

way of greeting!!!

see ya down at cubana sometime

be careful = DA will be lurking with his crutches…

cubana in waterloo? i know it well, will be going there this wednesday when you meet if that is ok?

Welcome Stephanie,

Yep seems to be a bit of a traddition that a few give out the welcome pokes with sticks, crutches infact anything that seems to be handy at the time.

See you’ve managed to locate a light weight Hoov ER…whats it got under tha hood??

Look forward to meeting you at one of the many gatherings…Ace (A406, Park Royal, NW London), Cubana (Waterloo), Blackheath tea hut…or perhaps one of the rideouts.

Stay safe.

my hoover has a zxr400 engine purring under its hood…

400cc…i like!

Welcome to the forum Post a pic in members gallery.

welcome to LB, just watch out for gingers welcome poke!! some say he can be a bit rough!!

Hey Steph, welcome to LB! Hope to see you at Cubana…

Hi Steph, welcome to LB looks like your hoover has more under the hood than my bike.

So hoovering is a bit of a blast then…!

hoovering , is that not mans work?

Hello and welcome to LB. Nice little bike the ZXR400. Best of all, its a Kwaka.

Hi Steph and welcome to LB…

Checkout the Breast Cancer Weekend Posts…there is still time to join in…

Welcome to LB, I know Clapham very well, used to be based there and live just up the road. Great place.

You’re only 2 minutes away from the Cubana meet so no excuses.

Nope, just whoevers turn it is…there are no blue and pink jobs, kinda purpley only…with a few greys so I’m told!

Helllo Steph and welcome…

Hello and welcome.